Who is DarthCoin?

Just an old bitcoiner (toxic) maximalist, that from 2012 (when started with Bitcoin) was an unknown identity in Bitcoinlandia.

The legend of DarthCoin

In 2012 this old friend of mine (is older than me and literally like ObiWan), that was mining Bitcoin, he told me about Bitcoin.

And he literally told me:

If somebody will want to strike down Bitcoin, it will make it even stronger than we can imagine.

That made me think and study deeply into Bitcoin and that's how “DarthCoin” the bitcoiner was born.

Here I posted a more detailed article on Simply Bitcoin Newsletter about my journey.

But starting with 2019 decided to go out and start helping newbies and onboard more nocoiners into Bitcoin (so far 400+ new bitcoiners created in the last 2 years).

DarthCoin never sold any SAT and BTC back for fiat money. NEVER, EVER. There’s no way going back to fiat!

DarthCoin literally lives only using BTC as money and after testing, using, experiencing a lot of BTC apps, wallets, solutions, all these years in Bitcoinlandia, he decided to share his knowledge and experience with the new users that are lost in the vast number of apps and scams.

DarthCoin will never recommend any shitcoin, any scam, any dubious shit company. All that DarthCoin wants is a better world, a free world and many sovereign individuals, empowered by Bitcoin and Natural Law.

Side note: DarthCoin lived 20 years in a communist regime. So please don’t bother trying to explain him how “amazing” is a socialist / communist regime. DarthCoin doesn’t give a shit about any politicians or regimes, he’s a SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL.

Here are some interviews with DarthCoin, if you want to hear how crazy he is:

Other writings by DarthCoin:

Why I start writing this blog with guides?

Because I want to leave something in Bitcoin history, so my grandkids and your grandkids will read it and know how the early years of Bitcoin were.

This is my humble contribution to Bitcoin world. Everything I do today, in Bitcoin space, I am doing it for future users, I am doing it for Bitcoin only and for freedom.

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You can send your appreciation with sats to darthcoin@getalby.com or darthcoin@stacker.news or darthcoin@ln.tips or darthcoin.blink.sv using Lightning Address. Please add a comment so I would know to who I can thanks for his kindness.

DarthCoin never used Twatter or FBIbook (and will never use it).

If you want to contact DarthCoin:

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Old Bitcoin toxic maximalist (class of 2012)
Nodo operándose desde el país del Bitcoin “El Salvador “
Toxic Bitcoin Maximalist from the Netherlands. Here to help you on Self Custody. Not your keys, not your coins.
Let us create a better world! ;-)