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Thanks for the great resources you provide. I run Umbrel on Ubuntu server on a refurb mini pc. It works great for the most part but some apps get stuck on "starting" after trying to install. In particular it happens with Lightning Terminal and Ride the Lightning. I've read your troubleshooting material, tried all the fixes I can find but can't get them to start. If you have any advice that would be great.

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Jan 13, 2023·edited Jan 13, 2023Author

Patience is key.

Maybe is something with not enough memory allocated.

Those 2 apps in particular needs more time until are starting because also depends on the Electrum server to start and finish its index then is the LN graph.

So have some patience or start a new nodeID. Sometimes the local database of LND gets bigger and slow.

Anyways you should contact Umbrel guys or post your issue on their https://community.getumbrel.com

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