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I’ve been having issues with force closed channels lately too. HTLCs getting stuck and causing either my node to force close a channel or my peer force closing a channel.

I even had a channel that I purchased get force closed the next day.

LN implementations need some serious improvement before it will be ready for mass adoption.

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If the LN operations can be disrupted by some RPI then it means any government can shut it down in no time. We should encourage both decentralization and anonimity. If we aren't or we cannot, then LN will become a centralized network around few nodes (running on AWS) or simply will be wiped out (or both)

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Oct 10, 2022·edited Oct 10, 2022Author

No. govs can't shut down LN. That's a myth and a cheap FUD.

My warning was NOT focused on making users not to use RPis but to be aware that those tiny machines are NOT suitable for running big routing nodes. For personal use and learning are enough.

Please pay attention to what I wrote in the article.

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Excellent eye opener article Darth, thank you so very much. I am definitely understanding now why so many issues and unstable situations still exist in the lightning network, this needs to be addressed for sure.

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Hi Darthcoin. I Love your insight on all your posts, thank you. will you please let me know what you use now that you no longer run your node on Umbrel? Is there alternative to Umbrel that would be easy enough for non techy users as the others I am working with are not able to use the cli with any competence.

Thank you


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Mostly private nodes, as I explained in this guide:


I also explained here a bit about how I see going forward the whole LN topology


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